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The Answer to Cancer: Integrative Therapies


Current methods of medical treatment of cancer focus on trying to kill the cancer cells in one spot (radiation therapy) or by chemically poisoning cells that are spread in many places: chemotherapy. The problem is that neither method kills all the cells all the time, and the disease comes back with resistance to the chemotherapy used or the limits of radiation are reached when further treatment damages you more than the disease.

In the meantime, an explosion of research has uncovered dramatically effective alternatives. Cancer is an unregulated state of affairs. Re-regulation is the goal of integrative therapies. Turn the disease into a chronic condition like diabetes. Once a lethal illness, diabetes is now a chronic condition which can be managed for decades.


Do you know about the Ketogenic Diet and how doctors at Yale have used that to slow down brain cancer? Have you heard of the Alkaline diet and how that can be used to slow down cancer? Do you know the harm caused by sugar and high carbohydrate foods? Did you know that green tea can arrest a cancer cell when given in the right timing and dose? At Brookfield Longevity we are now trained and accustomed to dietary education so that we can teach you how to give yourself the best chance at a long and healthy disease free state.


Did you know that cancer cells hide from your immune system. Galectins are proteins that are meant to be inside your cell but end up outside of cancer cells, protecting them from detection by your immune system. Do you know that there are methods by which we can strip that galectin away and expose the cell to immune recognition. Studies have shown that shown that this can slow the rate of prostate cancer growth.

ENOX-2 testing.

Would you like to be able to detect cancer at a billionth of a millionth of a mole? That is what the Oncoblot test can do. We are experienced at using theOncoBlot test from Dr.s Morre and Morre from Perdue.


On chemotherapy you feel so awful, you can't exercise. Our goal is to have you feel so good, you want to. The research shows that you can dramatically increase your odds of disease free survival if you can exercise.

IV Nutrition when you need it.

IV Vitamin C can be very helpful in the cancer journey. We have an IV lab that can replace missing nutrients when you are sick and feel like you can't eat. Cancers think Vitamin C is a glucose molecule and eagerly eat it up. Inside the cell, Vitamin C is a strong oxidizing agent, which wreaks havoc on the cancer cell.